Brandt Holdings

Meet Our Team

From the very beginning, Ace Brandt has led the company with two vital pieces in place - one: a solid management team, and two: core values that drive the company forward. Successful outcomes have been the result. Top-level administrators, accountants and quality control managers are in place to ensure the company functions lean and effective.

Administrative Division

Ace A. Brandt
President and Chief Executive Officer
Michael Vannett
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Sindy Keller
Shelley Hagen
Payroll Manager
Britta Weisz
Executive Administrative Assistant
Shane Krogstad
IT Systems Coordinator
Dorian Nelson
Office Manager and Billet Coordinator
Kelsie Schmiess
Payroll Administrator

Agriculture Division

Butch Kibble
General Manager Agriculture Division
Joe Delvo
Complete Goods Support
Mark Doda
Director of Accounting
Jillian Coppin
Information Systems Manager
Gabby O’Shaughnessy
Talent Acquisition Coordinator
Jeff Irwin
Training and Development Coordinator

Hospitality Group

Steve Kluvers
Chief Financial Officer
Steve Martodam
Chief Operating Officer
Doug Dobmeier
Chief Executive Officer
Butch McConn
General Counsel
Adam Dobmeier
Vice President of Business Development
Dustin Fridgen
Bob Kellam
Site Development Director
Ashley LaCourse
Vice President of Sales
Brad McConn
Director of Finance
Jared Schillinger
Vice President of Business Development

Nexus Capital

Dave Freeh
Senior Vice President
Karen Field
Vice President and CFO
Amy Gross
Account Manager

Entertainment Division

Jon Kram
General Manager
Kim Grant

Real Estate Division

Laura Franek, CPA